Do you believe on maximum rated flow is a useful feature of Power Washer? Or perhaps you are wondering why we are discussing this key feature instead of any other features in Power Washer?

Well, all your answers will be in this article. This article will make you understand better about importance of maximum rated flow in a Power Washer.

Does your business focus on cleaning services? What do you want to do every morning? Cleaning the roads, parks, and stores? In that case, you probably already know the importance of pressure washing in the cleaning industry. The best way to clean a big area is to use a portable power washer. You can move it from one place to another with lots of ease and use it for many different surfaces.

Why Maximum Rated Flow Important In Power Washer

Did you know that maximum rated flow feature in Power Washers can make you buy this portable Power Washer? Oh yes, if you are going to buy a Power Washer in the next few minutes, try to check this article, otherwise we believe you will be sorry later.

Maximum rated flow specifies the highest water flow rate (measured in gallons per minute, or GPM) a Power Washer can use while maintaining power and not tripping a pressure relief valve. This helps you compare how high the water flow rate different models of Power Washers.

The maximum output flow of any portable Power Washer is a useful feature that allows you to know how much water the machine will produce.

Less Time Required For Cleaning

The maximum rated flow is the amount of water a Power Washer can deliver at a given capacity, usually 1.7 GPM at 1600 PSI (GPM, or gallons per minute, is the flow rate at which the hose delivers water). A Power Washer with maximum rated flow will do the job faster, leading to less time pressure washing and more time getting back to other tasks.

Our Power Washer is ideal for cleaning the outside of homes, garages, decks, patios and more. With a maximum rated flow of up to 1.7 gpm, this Power Washer delivers high-powered cleaning for surfaces that you want cleaned fast.

Our convenient quick connector makes it easy to adapt to any garden hose. Just attach, turn on the water, and start washing. Features such as an adjustable spray gun, durable boom with telescoping wand and easy to carry wheels make it easy to move from place to place with an ergonomic design that helps reduce user fatigue. Plus, with a 5-year pump warranty and 2-year frame warranty, you can trust in our quality for years to come.

Can Tackle Wide Range Of Cleaning Tasks

Featuring the latest innovation in Power Washers’ technology, this High-Pressure Portable Washer is as powerful as it is compact. Boasting a flexible hose and compact body, this powerful portable washer can tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks with high-pressure water (up to 1600 PSI / 140 BAR) and a wide adjustable spray pattern.

Easy to assemble and store, the multifunctional unit makes it easy to clean not only cars, but roof tiles, decks, and other outdoor surfaces. The spray gun is mounted on a swivelling hose with 360-degree rotating head to provide full range of motion so that you can easily clean hard to reach surfaces.

It has an on-off trigger which is convenient when shifting from high spraying stream to low spraying pressure. A rubber base pad supports the unit preventing unwanted movement.


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